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Located near the slopes of the active Turrialba Volcano, Aquiares, founded in 1890, is both the community and one of the oldest coffee farms in Costa Rica. With over 2000 acres of land, 80% is devoted to coffee and 20% to conservation and has since 2003 Rainforest Alliance certified. Working in harmony the community of around 2000 people, 96% own their own home with support from the coffee farm, providing security, education and a sustainable way of life. The farm is currently owned by 3 families who have a very strong interest in sustainable agriculture and social responsibility such as weekly Doctor visits for the farmers. Grown at over 1200 mts, the coffee cherries once picked and meticulously sorted are brought to their own mill for processing. With the washed process the pulp and mucilage are removed then again quality sorted and dried for 36 hours in sustainable wood burning driers. Once the humidity level of 10.5% is reached, the beans are moved to Silos for around a month, then the parchment is removed and once again sorted by colour and size. The coffee medium body floral notes and subtle brightness.  (Credit Aquiares Estate for this Video )