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Kenya coffee beans 1 lb bag
kenya coffee project
kenya coffee growing region map
kenya kapkiyai co-op
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Kapkiyai, Kenya - Grade AA, Washed Process

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Roast Level: 

Country: Kenya

County: Nandi County

Region: Nandi Hills

Farm: CO-OP – Kapkiyai

Varietals: SL28, SL34, Ruiru, 11 Batian

Process: Handpicked fully washed then dried on raised wooden drying beds

Tasting Notes: Rich aroma with slight floral aromatics and notes of lemon rind and pomelo with hints of cocoa nibs .

Further Information

This coffee is brought to you by Vava Angenyi that started a company” Vava Coffee” in 2009 to work directly with smallholder coffee farms to help them bring their coffee to the market in turn affecting social and economic opportunities especially for women. Situated in the lush green hills of the Great Rift Valley the Kapkiyai Farmers Cooperative was started in 2000 with just a handful of members but grew to close to 400 members. Originally there was a distinct separation where the men owned the trees and made all the decision while the women did all the picking and heavy lifting as well as looking after the households. Fast forward a couple of decades and nearly ½ the members are women becoming full members of the cooperative owning their own trees and fully involved in all levels of decision
making. As of 2018 the women of Kapkiyai launched the first ever women only fair-trade certified coffee with intensive training in good agricultural practises helping to increase quality and yields and setting the stage for future generations of women coffee farmers.