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nicaragua anaerobic fermentation finca san antonio
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 mountain view Nicaragua Matagalpa
 Nicaragua Matagalpa coffee trees
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Nicaragua, Matagalpa, Finca San Antonio - Single Estate, Anaerobic Fermentation Process, Light Roast

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Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Estate/Producer: Finca San Antonio, Gunkel Mairena Family Farm

Department: Matagalpa

Region: Natural Reserve El Arenal

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation process, shade grown, sun-dried

Altitude: Avg. 950-1350 meters

Varietal: Sarchimor

Tasting Notes: Sweet and buttery mouthfeel with chocolate, stone fruit, and a smooth after-taste.

More Information:

Finca San Antonio is a farm located in the tropical mountain forests of Natural Reserve El Arenal. 

This reserve is one of 78 protected wildlife reserves in Matagalpa. The coffee is grown on the slopes of the Cordillera Isabelia mountain range. The farm is named after Roberto Antonio, but was acquired by the Günkel Marina family in 1976.

Along with serving as an ideal environment to grow coffee, the reserve is a critical habitat for many rare and exotic species. The Günkel Marina family is dedicated to preserving the rich biodiversity of this wildlife reserve.

The farm operates under sustainable agricultural practices, growing the coffee under natural shade at altitudes averaging 1150 meters. They grow a number of different varietals and process their coffee beans in numerous ways, including washed and honey processes.

For this varietal, the coffee cherries undergo 72 hours of anaerobic fermentation. This is a processing method that involves slowly fermenting the coffee in pressurized tanks deprived of oxygen. 

The slow fermentation process results in a sweeter and more complex development of the coffee’s natural flavour, with citrus and yellow fruit notes really jumping out.